Wait, getting dirty...

We are an independent production company born in São Paulo in 2013

and created for the world. We no longer belong to any particular place,

we have wings, we travel, we are plural and multicultural.

We are human in the best sense of the word. We like to work in a fair

and truthful way, both with clients and with our Dirtynhos and freelance artists.




We believe that good films go beyond good techniques. 


As for the way we work, we like to create as a team, sitting around

the table with clients and agencies. When the first thoughts arrive,

it goes through a process of maturation until it becomes a film.

And just like the wine, we hope it gets better over time. It’s worth

mentioning we also love good wine.




We believe that every story needs its own expression, and that’s

why we like to explore all techniques and styles in our designs.

We mix everything you can – or cannot – imagine!

From traditional 2D to 3D with live action. Yes, we shoot – but only

when it makes sense for animation. When we said “everything you

can and cannot imagine”, we really meant that.




Exploring different universes is what makes a story remarkable.


Our working approach is based on having a lean team that grows

according to each project. It’s the project that tells us who is going

to work with us. Different skills, ways of thinking and doing.

Dirty Work is always looking for talents and new ways of expression.




Being a headhunter is part of our process.


Finally, Dirty Work is not only about advertising. Indeed, we were fortunate

enough to win some awards like Cannes, The One Show, Effie Awards,

and Clio Awards. However, we also produce entertainment and we even

came close to competing for the Oscars® with our first short film, Footstep on the Wind.

With it, we also won important awards such as Cinequest, Flickers’ Rhode Island,

Climate Change Festival, Free Speech Festival, among others. Our short was also

exhibited at the UN and had its world premiere based at the Serpentine Gallery

in Hyde Park, London.



Want to do
dirty work?

Send your portfolio to us:

[email protected]