Wait, getting dirty...

Bibi is a super traditional brand of children’s shoes in Brazil, and full of stories of innovations.  In this new brand positioning, we were invited by Monkey Land agency to give life to a children’s musical. Five designers that work at Bibi’s office are stuck with a creative block. And just like magic, they become children again, ready to explore the world with the eyes of those who use Bibi products. And in this adventure around the world, they’ll find out what the adults left behind when they grew up.

Our first concern regarded thinking about the concept. If adults decreased in size, their clothes would be wide, baggy, and they would look like children who are wearing their parents’ clothes. This assumption needed to be present in our narrative. Bearing this concept in mind, we developed a simple and stylish art direction to catch the attention of children who were watching the clip. Super colorful characters and with varied shapes in order to represent each personality. And obviously, the adults needed to match their child version.

The magic happens through the office elevator. Upstairs, they’re adults thinking about the kids. But down there, they are wild children searching for adventures! Once they ride their scooters, skateboards, skates and bicycles, they forge the gang of little ones. Our research got there in the children’s series intro of the 80s and 90s. 

Traditional animation was our choice for this narrative. Loose and dynamic cameras, always positioned at the height of the children, accompany our protagonists and place our audience in the play.

Each kid had a persona. The astronaut, the biologist, the sportswoman, the pacifist, the scholar. We based the character design on the curious choices of childhood. Every child sticks to some curiosity of the world.

The universes differ in two parts: the real world and the fantastic world of children. The world of imagination is more playful, distorted, simplified. Real objects turn into monsters, toys, and twist in the children’s head. It is minimalist, without much detail. Our challenge was imagining how a child sees, and translate this into our narrative. The real world has more details, decoration, plants, shelves, windows, computers. A touchable universe. In the case of our real world, it’s Bibi’s office. 

And the result of all of this is a super spirited, exciting and fun film.

We invite children to join the dance and call their parents to enjoy it together. 

The characters guide our narrative all the time with cheerful transitions and intelligent passages through the universes. The lens distortion helps make everything more playful, and the rhythm of the scenes linked to the music gives the brightness we needed to make everyone sing out loud and clear.


Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann

Account assistant

Leticia Pugliese


Gustavo Leal

Head of production

Jessica Sales

Producer assistant

Karen Xavier, Karla Milkem




Jefferson Lima

Art Director



Cezar Berje, Lufe, Julia Albertin, Michel Ramalho

Animation Director

Jefferson Lima

Traditional animation

Jefferson Lima, Mauricio Fahd, Victor Bolo, Carlos Yuri,
Elton Takumi, Patricio Andres Rey

Clean up

Lucas Franci, Dazy Teodoro, Fernando Rangel,
Julieta Soloaga, Bernardo de Melo Teixeira , Ulisses Moreira de Queiroz Jucá,
Denise Bargos, Mateuz Fernandes, Thallyson Mikael

Head of Compositing

Caique Moretto


Gustavo Miaciro, Bernardo Vaz, Tiago Castro


Halley Sound