Wait, getting dirty...

This is one of those games that make the world stop to watch. A football match which goes beyond its home country. Considering all the energy load the film carries, we chose to use two languages: a montage with shots of the last teams event, alternating with playful scenes of 2D animation.

Talking to Fox’ creative squad we realized that the games reveal a classical rivalry which goes back to the roots of each team, and that these elements needed to be present in our narrative. In order to show that football goes beyond the field, for each animation scene we thought of a composition that would mix important city elements and culture symbols, with moments of clash between players. 

Since the animation rhythm needed to keep up with the frenetic pace of real images editing of the players and their moves, we chose to mix traditional animation and motion graphics in our narrative. Traditional animation would bring us fluid movements and fast actings, whereas motion graphics would help us in visual effects, scenarios composition and camera spins, and also in heavier or slower movement of some main elements. The result is a quite interesting combination among all languages and a curious film which matches the competition.


Executive producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Head of Production

Antonela Castro

Line Producer

Alyda Pereyra


Bernardo França


Faga Melo

Art Director



Felms, Bernardo França, Fernando Molina

Animation Director

Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Traditional animation

Caio Fernando, Memé Candia, Diego Frachia


Caio Fernando, Melisa Pereyra, Julián Castro

Motion Graphics

Christopher Rocha e Pedro Fernandes


Christopher Rocha e Pedro Fernandes