Wait, getting dirty...

The client let us free to create, which was quite interesting because we were able to start a campaign proposition from the beginning, linked to a style that made sense for the story. So the concept was gradually created. Our main goal was talking about specific subjects with different features, in a few stories that could communicate with each other as a single campaign. This is how we got to the fairy tale concept, as every fairy tale carries solid beliefs within its characters, bringing metaphors with accurate moral values at the end of the story – the well-known moral of the story. In order to make it more cozy and personal, we thought about playing with the animal kingdom and its characteristics which are easily recognized by folk tales:  the speedy rabbit, the hardworking bee, the lazy bear, the majestic butterfly and so on. And why not modernize these concepts and bring them into our daily lives? This is how we got to a reinterpretation of the animal characters and started developing each story. The anxious rabbit, the fashionable bear, the caterpillar with an identity crisis, the startup bee…

We translated our tales into a 3D environment that referred to more step-by-step stop motion models and animations – all to remember the craft work, the manual work very much present at Printi. The first fable was Hugo’s, a streamer and influencer who loves reviewing hyped products. He enjoys the whole experience and is passionate about an unboxing in which he realizes right away, from the packaging, he is facing a cool and neat product. Our bear set up his studio inside his cave, a place with controlled light and isolated enough so that he is able to create quality content for his followers.

Our main reference for the character was the urban youth. The geek who loves technology, sneakers and clothes from brands like Supreme, Obey and Vans. As for the scenario, we were inspired by the gamers’ and influencers’ rooms with their ring lights, leds, comfortable chairs and sofas, all in a cozy and low-light environment. Hugo spends hours on end inside his fashionable cave talking to his millions of followers and enjoying his received products from different brands – after all, delightful and well-made packaging makes all the difference to a user’s shopping experience, right?


Lena has two moments in our story. The caterpillar who likes doing everything calmly and at her own pace, and wears baggy and comfy clothes which work both for going out and for binge-watching new streaming series. And the hippie butterfly who loves silky and colorful clothes, is free to fly and loves practicing yoga in her apartment. But both personalities have something in common: they love their home and take care of every corner of it. However, a personality crisis may affect the feeling of home in our tale…

In this episode we worked on the concept of the house that reflects its owner’s personality. When it comes to the caterpillar’s, we prioritized earthy tones and a slightly lower light throughout the room, as if we were in her natural habitat. On the other hand, in the case of the butterfly’s, we brought sunlight to feature vivid and glossy colors in the apartment of our dear Lena. A bit of sky, a bit of air, and enough space to fly. The idea was showing Decora Printi, the service aimed at decoration in which the clients can create custom paintings on the website and receive them at home, so that they can live peacefully with their identity crises and different life stages.


Some may even say he suffers from anxiety, but it turns out that Chico, our rabbit, is always having ideais to improve his business and serve his customers very well. With small-town roots, Chico takes care of his little market as if it was a child. He learned that in a big city he cannot waste time and discard a new idea to boost his venture. Our rabbit is always a step ahead of innovations!

In this episode we wanted to bring a little more of our country as inspiration. Chico was based on well-known street marketers throughout Brazil. That engaging marketer who can serve different people simultaneously, choose the best fruits, and in case some math is required he just pulls out his pen stuck behind his ear – and that’s it. The scenario, in turn, is inspired by a nice neighborhood market, with a simple storefront with cobogós, fresh and organic fruits on the shelves, and carrot drumsticks at the cashier’s cage. Well, and if Chico doesn’t have change in coins he will certainly offer you a sweetie instead.

Chico is always changing his store and expertise area, since he needs to be a step ahead of the competition to innovate and succeed with his organic products. But in this film, his agility and speed in changing and renewing ends up hindering the announcer who tries in every way to follow a script – and ends up having to improvise because Chico never stops quiet. But thankfully Printi helps Chico in evolving all the time, and no matter the store’s new name, fast delivery will keep up with his sudden changes.

Bel never had an easy life. She learned early on that she should work hard for things to happen, just like any other self-respecting bee. But Bel always wanted more. She realized a different way of extracting and selling her honey without waging a daily war with bears, she captured investors and became a successful entrepreneur! However, success didn’t make her mind. The startup universe is full of poses and boring terms and Bel finds it all a drag. What she really enjoys is seeing her customers happy and satisfied with her tasty products.


Our CEO bee follows the path of empowered and inspiring women. Bel really depicts a multitask businesswoman who gives lectures, delivers her products, coordinates the production of the factory, and takes care of her business. This path of success makes Bel gain large contributions from investors both for her genius idea and for her hard work. Our inspiration for the scenarios comes from stylish startups and industrial offices we find worldwide.

Finally, we decided to build the institutional part of the piece in a different way. Moving away from the classics “how to”, we created a deconstructed digital universe simulating a navigation on Printi’s website unto the production of the requested product and service. In this shot, the brand’s color palette prevailed, making this Printi moment marked in all films. A simple, quick and beautiful experience for spectators. 


Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account Manager

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal and Faga Melo


Luiz Fernando Bellini and Dirty Work

Head of Production

Antonela Castro

Production Assistant

Thiago Silva


Patricia Sonoda, Ricardo Sasaki, Gustavo Leal, Thiago Biazzoto, Piatã Esteves


Ricardo Sasaki, Faga Melo

Art Director



Felms, Piatã Esteves, Sara Hochsteiner, Nayan Bicalho, Igor Pizzuto, Laura Guedes, Thiago Biazzoto

Head of 3D

Wallan Oliveira, Isaac Buzzola

3D Supervisor

Wesley Oliveira


Douglas Fernandes, Giovani Kososki, Ricardo Alves, Jonas Schelengan, Camilo Franco


Marcos Leite, Rafael Vittorati, Jonatas Ribeiro

Look Dev

Lucas Amaral, Camilo Franco, Pedro Henrique

3D Animation

Liz Moschen, Tom Farias, Barbara Costa, Felipe Simoes, Emerson Manfrim, Thiago Silva

3D Generalist

Jean Carlos


Leticia Pires

Head of Compositing

Caique Moretto


Thiago Bernardes, Fernando Checolli