Wait, getting dirty...

Now the arrival of an order brought super powers to a Netshoes customer and now she is transported to the Champions Universe, an imaginary space where sports are taken to the next level. With her new powers right out of the box, our lead character nails everything in every sport she tries. Basketball, soccer, athletics, you name it.

This Champions Universe takes place in a cosmic yet grounded space where everything is possible. Taking a lot of inspiration from American superhero comics, our characters are strong and friendly.

Colors play a big role to tie this universe together with the brand. We gave characters new clothing and accessories as they moved between sports to show off the variety of products you can find at Netshoes.

The 20 seconds of this piece are tightly packed with a lot of action from the get go. To keep this electric feel going we animated everything frame by frame so we could keep the camera moving fast to keep up with our characters. It also enabled us to be creative with the super-powers: super-jump, strength, multiple arms, and super-speed – everything a good superhero comic would give you.



Executive producer

Ito Andery, Hwira Gibin

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann



Head of production

Antonela Castro

Line producer

Ana Sieglitz, Juliana Millán

Production Assistant

Carolina Cantero


Antonio Soares Neto


Antonio Soares Neto

Art Director



Ryan Smallman, George Schall, Math Oliveira

Animation Direction

Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza

Traditional animation

Emmanuel Zampalo, Franco Pellicciaro, Mariano Fernandez Russo, Maricel Piazza, Leonardo Cirius


Alan Mohamed, Gabriela Bosco, Julieta Culaciati, Maricel Piazza, Sofia Diaz


Mariano Fernández Russo


Input Arte Sonora