Wait, getting dirty...

When the creatives from Netshoes called us for this third edition, it was pretty clear that they wanted something different from the previous ones. If the past episodes focused on quickness and delivery quality, this new one intended to redeem an already known speech in the years before the pandemic: the sports lifestyle. Added to a World Cup atmosphere, the idea was also to bring the Brazilianness we find in our country, especially in a year of the World Cup.  Football on the outskirts, crowd meetings in bars and squares, painted streets and so on. 

Taking the opportunity of the narrative change, we also felt the need of updating the aesthetics of the series. Our intention was to humanize the episode, and bring it more Brazilian symbols. To our protagonist, we decided to take off the classic hero’s uniform and superpowers, in order to turn her into a normal person.  A player, a real heroine, the one whom people in her neighborhood and community feel proud of and mirror. Therefore, the character design required straighter and stronger lines in order to value her expressions. Furthermore, we decided to enhance her Afro-descendant characteristics.

The costume diversity was also an important point in our pre-production research. Our protagonist would have several clothes, and the large number of supporting characters challenged us to seek combinations with various products of Netshoes website.

When it comes to color palette, our art direction sought two moments, with a digital painting finish on the scenarios. The first moment counts on warmer and earthy colors. A color palette to design our scenarios with many Brazilian references.  The second one relies on a color palette focused on the brand’s colors. This “Netshoes Moment” is used in our character’s action moves. Almost activating a superpower to make the tricks with the ball or the skateboard. Thus we had no noise in the composition and harmonization of colors.  

Finally, once it is a shorter narrative which required more movement, we opted for a quick cuts editing, inspired by sports commercials.  In addition, the soundtrack helped us to create a dynamic and joyful atmosphere, as a sports film should be.


Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann

Account assistant

Letícia Pugliesi


Faga Melo

Head of production

Jessica Sales

Producer assistant

Karina Gualberto


Jefferson Lima


Jefferson Lima

Art Director



Bernardo França, Bruno Guma, Everton Caetano, Alan Carvalho, João Machado.

2D Traditional animation

Thiago Geremias, Larissa Meyer, Thalyne Chrystyna.

Clean up

José Vanildo, Carolina Batista, Leandro Tadeu da Silva Soares.

Head of Compositing

Larissa Garcia.


Bárbara Souza, Guga Vieira.


CANJA Audio Culture