Wait, getting dirty...

Everybody has their own way of thinking their guesses. Some people like to dive into all stats; some people always root for the underdogs; others just like to see the world catch fire, like every match is a rout. So together with Nubank we developed 5 characters to highlight the behaviors of 5 kinds of Palpiteiros (guessers betting on a Bolão).

We designed the characters to be relatable yet abstract. Our starting point was the Nubank design system. Literally spinning their 2D base forms to create fresh 3D shapes to be the building blocks of our characters.

Modular, with loose parts and filled with charisma, our 5 Palpiteiros had only 5 seconds to show who they were. The core of this piece is their unique characteristics showing through the design and behavior of each character.

Meet the 5 types of Palpiteiros: Otimistas (Optimists), Cheio de Regrinha (Stats Nerds), Em Cima do Muro ( Wobbly), Zebra Indomável (Relentless Underdogs) and Vida Loka (Oddball).

Combining realistic materials with abstract shapes gave us room to play a lot with the animation style. Mixing elements of the 2D and claymation aesthetics, such as big exaggeration and distortion, quick eye and mouth replacements and general snappy feel, all executed in a 3D environment to give more control and flexibility.


Production Company:

Dirty Work

Executive Producer:

Ito Andery

Account manager:

Karima Ruhmann

Account assistant:

Letícia Pugliesi


Oito Olhos (Christopher Rocha, Pedro Fernandes)

Head of production:

Jéssica Sales

Line Producer:

Jéssica Rodrigues


Oito Olhos, Ivanildo Soares


Ivanildo Soares, Jefferson Lima

Character Design:

Oito Olhos


Styleframes: Wilson Panassi, Oito Olhos

Lettering Design:

Mayara Lista

Head of 3D:

Gustavo Rangel


Adriano Delfino, Pablo Ferreira Lima, Vitor Semeghini, Michelli Fitz,
Henrique Fly Plácido


Thales Thomé, Tim Raduan

Look Dev:

Gustavo Rangel

3D Animation:

Paulo Rogério, Jone Tavares, Camila Xavier


Gustavo Rangel


Gustavo Rangel

Compositing and Motion Graphics:

Walter Silva

Audio production company:

Antfood Music & Sound Design

Executive Producer:

Renato Castro, Christiane Rachel


Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Tiago Mago, Luis Bergmann e Vinicius Nunes


Fernando Ianni e Monique Munhoz


Bruno Broaska, Fabian Jorge e Pablo Homem de Mello

Creative Direction:

Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo e Tiago Mago