Wait, getting dirty...

In the first few months of the pandemic, online purchasing skyrocketed, and so did the caution with deliveries – for obvious reasons. The quarantine made many people start different activities, such as making homemade bread, gardening, and so on. This made the search volume for particular products and tools increase exponentially. That’s when Mercado Livre decided to create this campaign as a means of explaining this AI in filtering the user’s search, selecting the best product based on it and delivering it quickly and safely. 

Therefore, our challenge was creating narratives that would metaphorically illustrate the whole journey: starting from the user’s search, going through all stages of purchasing until the product delivery at the user’s home. We created the scripts 100% together with GUT – it’s worth mentioning that they gave us extraordinary creative freedom. There were dos and don’ts concerning the ways we could go. So, after a few meetings, we realized that the best way to explain everything was to bring a minimalist composition working essentially with geometries and gadgets. Balls! Yes, balls! Spheres that would represent user’s searches which would be filtered shortly after and follow the route in a sort of maze, reaching the final moment of their journey within the website and getting ready for delivery.

3D animation would bring charm to the story we wanted to tell. The labyrinths and traps would be much more interesting if seen with depth and texture variety. We could also play with the physics of the balls by using simulations as an effect inside the crazy circuits. By organizing production, we would be able to change any information in real time. Representing different features of Mercado Livre such as quickness, security, products categories, and information intelligence, allowed us to create the most varied actions inside the playful platform of our films. Circuits inspired by games like “The Incredible Machine”, or those crazy videos we see on social networks in which one action triggers another, both contributed to the design of our art direction. And as this whole universe would be inside a cardboard box, we selected organic and tactile textures to represent this iconic symbol of Mercado Livre without leaving minimalism and elegance aside, with the support of marked shadows and diffuse lighting.


Executive producer

Ito Andery, Hwira Gibin

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Line Producer

Antonela Castro, Jéssica Sales

Producer assistant

Letícia Harumi


Gustavo Leal, Felms, Caio Fernando


Faga Melo

Art Director

Felms, Gustavo Leal, Piatã Esteves, Thiago Biazzoto


Piatã Esteves, Thiago Biazzoto, Bruno Medeiros, Maria Eugênia, Victor Rosa

Head of 3D

Gustavo Rangel


Camilo Franco, Cesinha Barbosa, Gabriel Costa, Gabriel Lallane, Gustavo Rangel, Jean Carlos Pires Vareiro, Lucas Cavalcante, Rafa Eifler, Tiago Fortes Dorneles


Camilo Franco, Cesinha Barbosa, Gustavo Rangel

Look Dev

Camilo Franco, Cesinha Barbosa, Gustavo Rangel, Jean Carlos Pires Vareiro, Rafa Eifler

3D animation

Cesinha Barbosa, Gabriel Costa, Gustavo Rangel, Jean Carlos Pires Vareiro, Tiago Fortes Dorneles, Wilson Leguizamon Baruki

3D Simulation

Guilherme Casagrandi, Cesinha Barbosa

Head of Compositing

Caique Moretto

2D Animation supervisor

Thiago Bernardes


Bernardo Vaz, Caique Moretto, Fernando Jurado, Fernão Spadotto, Guido Claverie, Larissa Garcia, Ricardo Lopes e Thiago Bernardes