Wait, getting dirty...

Partnering with Fbiz, we develped 16 short stories where 4 different characters use Samsung SIA products on their daily activities. Meet our characters Kamila, Pedro, Marina and Rapha.

Visually, we went for a more graphic approach, keeping sets and charecters with slightly realistic proportions yet using more concise shapes. Characters clothing were one of our main points of attention to make sure they captured accurately each personality and style. Flat colors and black outlines led us to a style that gravitates between editorial illustration and graphic novels.

Following the graphic style, we kept the animation with a more naturalistic tone: No big arcs, no extreme exageration. Our goal was to make all characters act with elegance, dialing all actions to represent each characters style.


Production Company

Dirty Work

Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann

Account assistant

Carol Santos


oito:olhos (Christopher Rocha, Pedro Fernandes)

Head of production

Jéssica Sales

Line Producer

Felipe Ribeiro


oito:olhos, Ricardo Sasaki


Ricardo Sasaki

Art Director



Nayan Bicalho, João Machado, Júlia Albertin, Yann Valber, Igor Pizzuto, Fernanda Montoni

Animation Director


Traditional animation

Robson Santos, Genoviz Pagani, JP Buosi, Ivanildo Soares, Bruna Santana, Gabrielle Paparelli

Clean up

Brenda Maryan, Dazy Teodoro, Julia Balthazar, Rafaela Santos

Compositing and CutOut animation

Barbara Nozari, Saulo de Castro, Caique Moretto

Audio production company