Wait, getting dirty...

The idea was telling the app customers that they can order whatever they want. From burgers to violins, from pet food to a sofa bed, and so on. The scope of the project was creating as many situations as possible with the most different characters in a short time. So, the challenge was pretty clear: to develop a production management that would allow us to have a large number of tiny stories while valuing the quality of the result. This organization was fundamental for the project to get off the ground.

First, we started studying how to translate the different types of customers into 3d animation. Along with the agency’s creative team, we sketched some profiles and started studying their behavior, personality and acting so that later we could conceive our films. Following, we created a set of key body structures and assembled different characters using hair, skin tones and costumes – which definitely helped us to achieve the required quick delivery of the stories.


Working with stories in which the users can order anything they want using the Rappi application allowed us to create fun and unique situations. Each situation asked for a sort of character, narrative and acting in animation. With this, we successfully overcame the limitation related to the characters’ format variations. Oh! A curious fact: someone already ordered a real rabbit through Rappi. And it was delivered!






Executive producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Tina Castro

Account assistant

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Head of Production

Antonela Castro


Vencys Lao


Vencys Lao

Art director



Piatã Esteves, Livia Constante, Vencys Lao, Arnaldo Petazoni, Bernardo França

Head of 3D

Gustavo Rangel


Alex liki, Guilherme Duarte, Lelio Alves, Camilo Franco, Steferson Rocha, Milton dias, Daniel Sian


Kipp Kase, Flavio Castelo

Look Dev

Gustavo Rangel, Mateus Kurzhals, Felipe Meyer, Fabio Rossi

3D animation

Francisco Catão, Paulo Rogerio, Gabriel Souza, Matheus Caetano, Leonidas Maciel, Marcos Elias, Hannry Pschera, Emerson Marfin, Jesiel Almeida, Jonny Edward, Liz Moschen, Daniel Oliveira, Vinicius Ribeiro, Pedro Madeiros, Eduardo Abramo, Henrique (EDMX) Montanari, Mariane Tostes


Gustavo Rangel