Wait, getting dirty...

Inspired by the joy of our partnership with our friends at Final Frontier on the US, we’ve created this launch piece based on the most charismatic character of this company: our beloved little mosquito.
But, we’re talking about the United States, you know? The birthplace of comics and superheroes.
So, we decided to transform him into what we can only call our massive-giant-robot-smasher-inner-beast!
(Well, the name might have become a bit long, but it was that or Captain Mosquito.)

Anyway, just to say that we’ve planted Dirty’s flag in one more country and still have the thirst we’ve always had: for increasingly bold and impactful projects.The idea of this piece was to blend Brazilian references, developed into our little kid, and then transform him into a hero, making a straight reference to the classic American heroes of the ’80s.
But also, the soundtrack, the gradient in the backgrounds with plenty of noise, and the final look all contributed to that cool vintage touch of the film.

So, you know the drill, in case of an emergency call 911 just call us!