Wait, getting dirty...

The trailer premiered on the UN website in December, headlining their 70th anniversary of UNHCR. The full film will be released in 2021 following its international festival run. It will be available on multiple platforms to be streamed and shared for trauma storytelling workshops. The narrative blends harsh reality and tragedy with resilience as we follow the children’s magical imagination through loss and recovery.


After careful research and a story development collaboration, Maya joined forces with the Brazilian animation studio Dirty Work and their directos Gustavo Leal and Faga Melo to create this film to Sting’s music. This is a British-Brazilian co-production that aims to educate and draw attention to the reality of refugees, told from the point of view of a child.

Little Noor and her brother Josef see their lives torn apart when an explosive earthquake hits home. Instantly, the children lose their father, and the happy world they used to live in. With the protection of their mother they face danger and more tragedy. The children lose their mother. Alone, they persist on a journey through mysterious lands and magical waters.  The crossing is full of challenges, until they manage to reach safe land.


This film was made during COVID 19 lockdown. Nowadays the film continues its run through festivals around the world, that’s why we can’t show the film as a whole on our website. More information to come 🙂


A film by

Maya Sanbar together with Dirty Work


Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo, Maya Sanbar

Produced by

Gillian Gordon and Fernanda Zaffari

Executive producer

Sting, Bobby Sager, Sawsan Asfari, Ito Andery, Hwira’ti Gibin


Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Maya Sanbar

Story Development

Sita Brahmachari, Onjali Q. Raúf

Head of Production

Jessica Sales

Production Assistant

Aline Buzi

Art Director



Piatã Esteves, Ricardo Solimeno, Gustavo Leal


Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal

Character Supervision

Piatã Esteves

Character Design

Felms, Piatã Esteves, Vencys Lao, Bruno Guma , Nayan Bicalho, Ana Rocha, Renata

Character Colourist

Ana Rocha, Renata Nolasco

Background Illustrator

Michel Ramalho, Alexandre Leoni, Tiago Calliari, Patrick Dias, Kevin Gnutzmans, Yuri
Campos, Thiago Baggins, Gabriel Alves, Vencys Lao, Piatã Esteves

Background Colorist

Ana Rocha, Renata Nolasco, Michel Ramalho, Alexandre Leoni, Tiago Calliari, Patrick
Dias, Kevin Gnutzmans, Thiago Baggins, Gabriel Alvez

Color Script

Felms, Yuri Campos

Traditional Animation Director

Jefferson Lima

Lead Animators

Jefferson Lima, Robson Menezes dos Santos, Lucas Franci, Ivanildo Soares, Victor Bolo,
Rosinaldo Lages, Genoviz Pagani Filho, Leonardo Moore, Gabriel Abreu, Gui Klein, Elias

Assistant Animators

Rafaela Yamazato, Mauricio Brant, Matheus Manso, Rillian Costa, Juliana Gouvêa,
Stephanie de Oliveira, Junior Soares, Bruna Santana, Isabel Rodriguez,Ali Chehaude
Bark Neto, Brenda Maryan, Carolina Senra, Flavio Sandro Oliveira da Costa, Jefferson
Melo, Jonatas F. S. Souza, Kaleo Mendes, Reinaldo Keintiro Yamada, Renan Kogut,
Vitor Lages, Paula M. Urbinati

Cut Out 2D Animation/Compositing Director

Caique Moretto

Cut Out Animators/Compositing

Larissa Garcia, Ricardo La Bella, Ricardo Lopes, Christopher Rocha,
Pedro Fernandes

Audio Post Production

Input – Audio Sonora

Sound Supervisor

Rafael Benvenuti

Audio Post Production Coordinator

Mario Di Poi, Maria Silva

Sound Editor

Danilo Chen

Music Coordinator

Tiago Resende

Sound Effects and Ambient Editing

Rene Hendrick, Adriana Norat

Foley Artist

Mauricio Castaneda

Foley Recordist

Nathaly Martinez

Foley Editor

Diego Hernandez

Sound Re-Recording Mix

Stanley Gilman

Additional Music

“Coming Home” – Gabriel de Goes Gabriel
Courtesy of Inputsom Arte Sonora Ltda


Mom: Mariana Chiuso
Dad: Danilo Chen
Noor: Lara Boldorini
Joseph: Cauã Martins

Original Drawings

Bebel Callage

Contributing Artist Additional Drawings

Damian Rayne

Story Consultants

Selma Dabbagh, Gillian Gordon

Workshop Creative Guides

Sita Brahmachari, Yvette Robinson

Script Development Research

Rodrigo Brucoli