Wait, getting dirty...

With the implementation of the Fordpass app in entire Latin America, the agency invited us to produce another episode of the series we created together. Each episode, a new character and a new setting to talk about a particular feature. In this 4th episode we decided to go to the countryside and depict the daily life of a farmer and his loyal friend. 

As to the protagonist, we imagined a man who divides his routine between the countryside and the big city, who is not so familiar with technology but soon is enchanted with the ease of Fordpass app.

But now we need to talk about our story sidekick. A kind of character we love to create in our projects. Often this character helps sustain the script and broadens our range of situations for the scene. In this case it wasn’t different: we created a lovely dog that besides connecting the scenes pretty well, also alerts its tutor about any unusual event. Its easy going personality also serves to bring an air of humor to our narrative and guide our gaze throughout the more serious actions and reactions regarding the app. A dog is always an icebreaker 🙂

Daylight usually rules a farmer’s life. Bearing this in mind, we decided that our art direction could also be based on this point. The film begins at the end of his working day. On this basis, we created a color map based on the position of the sun in relation to the farm map. The color script evolves throughout the narrative and the sunset moves às we tell our story. We like adding details in our narratives.



Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Head of Production

Jéssica Sales

Art Director

Felms, Tiago Calliari


Felms, Gustavo Leal


Tiago Calliari, Patrick Dias, Felipe Mascarenhas, Bernardo França

Animation Director

Jefferson Lima

Traditional Animation

Caio Fernando, Mauricio Brant, Rafaela Yamazato, Raul Vanussi


Caique Moretto, Thiago Bernardes


Audio Boutique