Wait, getting dirty...

The main goal of the project was showing the facility of app navigation, and also approaching the main platform features and telling a story in a gentle way. Our line of reasoning concerned what feelings people have within the process of searching for a house or apartment. Sometimes it may be stressful or frustrating. However, when we find a place that seems to be made for us and we can see ourselves living there and calling home, it can be amazing! So, we decided to focus our film on life changing. That’s when we concentrated the entire narrative into a single-day story: from dissatisfaction with the current apartment, then passing through finding a new one, until the moment of changing and the feeling of renewal.

In terms of art direction, what we had in mind was producing a modern and sophisticated film with a reduced but vibrant color palette, since the story was all set in bright daylight. Geometric backgrounds contrasting with curvy characters. And two stages marked by two different visual compositions: a squeezed and narrow one representing the tightness in living in a place where the character no longer wants to live, and a cleaner, lighter and wider one representing the breath of fresh air. 

Regarding the animations, since the beginning of the project we wanted to communicate the idea of building lightness as a whole. We planned soft camera movements which walked together with the characters, as well as smooth transitions, in order to get a more flowing narrative. The protagonist was in charge of commanding the actings that explained the step-by-step to find the perfect home inside the app and its advantages. And the kitten… well, the kitten made the film much more charming. 


Executive Producer

Ito Andery e Hwira Gibin

Account manager

Karima Ruhmann


Gustavo Leal e Faga Melo

Head of Production

Jéssica Sales


Gustavo Leal e Che marcheti


Faga Melo e Che marcheti

Art Director

Piatã Esteves


Piatã Esteves, Ryan Smallman, Bruno Guma e Everton Caetano

Animation Director

Caique Moretto

Traditional animation

Jefferson Lima e Marcelo Fahd

Head of Compositing

Caique Moretto


Caique Moretto, Thiago Bernardes e Larissa Garcia