Wait, getting dirty...

To promote PUCPR’s 2024 Admission Exam, we crafted a story with those core principles:

It is hard to make choices when you are 16, but knowledge is captivating and it can lead you to unleash the unexpected. Getting hands-on is the best way to get to know what you like. Knowledge and experience give you the power to transform the world around you.

The Character Design was key for connecting with the audience on a peer-to-peer level, so everything from her wardrobe to her attitude should feel like a student fresh out of high school.


We landed on a graphic style that draws reference from both Eastern and Western anime, borrowing colors from editorial-style illustrations.

Previz was essential to make everything happen. From storyboards to 3D mockups of locations allowed us to be more efficient on set.











Going with a mix of 2D animation on top of live-action provided us the canvas to set our character free, moving from scene to scene in abstract ways, flying and exploring as she pleased, while still showing the real campus.

While getting to know the campus, some of the locations stood out with such beautiful architecture. That was key to developing the cinematography style of this piece. Lots of low-angle wide shots, with the camera close to the characters and a very naturalistic approach to lighting. Those elements combined contributed to the immersive feel we were aiming for.



PUC Paraná



Production Company

Dirty Work

Executive Producer

Ito Andery

Account Manager

Gabriela Seabra, Lari Virco


Oito Olhos (Christopher Rocha, Pedro Fernandes), Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo

Production Diretor (Live action)

Irani Alves Matias

Assistant Director (Live Action)

Artur Zambiazzi Miller

First Assistant Production (Live action)

Kayane Cabral Bonin

Assistant Production (Live action)

Adriana de Assis Lira, Carlos Alberto de Moura

Assistant Production, Driver (Live action)

Roni Alves Matias


Carlos Alberto de Moura, Enzo Marlos Balbinot

Director of Photography

Bruno Zotto Pereira

First Assistant Camera (1st AC)

Marcos Antonio da Silva

Second Assistant Camera (2st AC)

Adriano Santos Araujo

Video Assistant

Amarildo dos Santos Araújo


Germano Carvalho Faria

Still Photographer

Ana Rita Schwaner

Drone Operator

Everton Isidro, Fernanda Caroline Pereira Cabral


Ricardo Pirolla

First Assistant Electrician

Leonardo Vinicius Vendrame Cichon

Head of Equipment/Grip Department

Flavio Romão dos Santos

First Assistant Grip

Kaue Kruger dos Santos

Catering Services

Laiz Prado Roche, Kellyn Vanessa Lino, Ingridy Lino Teixeira

Head of Animation Production

Jéssica Sales

Post-Production Coordinator

Rafael Bozzi, Diego Nascimento


Oito Olhos (Christopher Rocha, Pedro Fernandes)

Animatic/Animation Director

Jefferson Lima

Art Direction


Character Design

Mayara Lista

Character Layout

Júlia Albertin, Juliana Gouvêa, Marcos Felipe, Mayara Lista, Thais Emily, Felms

2D Traditional Animation

Danilo Cheng, Gabriel Chagas, Gabrielle Paparelli, Robson Menezes, Thiago Geremias

Clean up

Brenda Maryan, Dazy Teodoro, Daiane Mateus, João Maurício, Julia Balthazar, Rafaela Alves

3D/VFX Supervision

Pedro Fernandes


Faga Melo, Pedro Fernandes


Bernardo Vaz, Gustavo Miaciro, Ricardo La Bella

Color Grading Studio

Marla Colour Grading

Color Grading Artist

Adonias Dantas